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Aerochamber Antistatic Chamber for Startless 0 to 18 Months

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Clean the valve check-in chamber only as instructed. It does not need to be cleaned before first use. Remove only the back. Do not remove the mask or valve assembly. Place both parts in a mild solution of liquid dishwashing detergent and warm water for 15 minutes. Shake carefully. Water the pieces in clean water. Shake to remove excess water from the parts and allow to dry upright. Make sure the parts are dry before reassembling. Do not rub to dry. To hold, center the mask on the back with the Flow-Vu device as shown. Press firmly to adjust the back.


Antistatic valve retention chamber for use with aerosol inhalers. The antistatic chamber allows the medication to stay longer to be inhaled. The mask guarantees the airtight closure of the mask:- neonatal mask: 0-18 months- paediatric mask: 1-5 years- nozzle: +5 years- large mask: +5 yearsThe exhalation valve guarantees eficint administration of the aerosol. Highly sensitive one-way inhalation valve. Flow-Vu inspiring flow indicator.Reinforced pMDI universal adapter.


1. Before use, carefully examine the product for proper assembly, foreign objects, or no damaged or missing parts. The product should be replaced immediately if there are damaged or missing parts.2. Remove the inhaler cover. Be sure to read the instructions attached to the inhaler before using it for the first time.3. Shake the inhaler immediately before use. Insert the inhaler into the back of the camera.4 Apply the mask to the face and make sure it seals effectively. When the patient inhales, the brightly colored Flow-Vu flow indicator should move towards the patient.5. While maintaining an effective seal between the mask and the face, the patient should inhale through the mask. The Flow-Vu device will return to its upright position when the patient stops inhaling or exhaling.6. When the flow indicator starts to move the patient does, this is the right time to press the inhaler cartridge. Keep an effective seal between the face and mask afterwards and make sure the patient breathes 5 to 6 times through the camera by pressing the inhaler.7. Follow the instructions supplied with the inhaler for the amount of time to wait before repeating step 5.

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