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Dr Brown's Biberon Crystal Wide Mouth 270 Options

Glass bottle with wide mouth for children from 0 months.
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Dr Brown's Biberon Crystal Wide Mouth 270 Options

Glass bottle with wide mouth for children from 0 months.

The term "cleaning" of children's crockery does not imply the same meaning for all people, so it is advisable to make a number of recommendations in order to achieve the same routine for all people who care for the infant.

The cleaning process should be a habit, a daily routine that must always be performed in the same way, so that regardless of the person in charge of the cleaning, the result is optimal and ensures the asepsis of the material.

Bottles must be provided with a volume scale in milliliters.

The accuracy of the measurements indicated in a bottle is very important: since, if the proportion of water and milk powder is not maintained, too high a load may be caused on the infant's kidney, or too much water may be being given with respect to the milk that actually contains a bottle.

This also happens if the poorly flushed powder is added: REMEMBER "Use the measure included in the dust pack or bottle, well flushed and do not fill it.

Risks of bottle feeding:

1. Aerophagy: During shooting, the bottle should be kept well inclined to prevent the baby from ingesting excess air that could cause severe cramping pain.

2. Burns: Sometimes, especially if the microwave is used, the bottle body does not heat up, but the contents may be close to boiling. The temperature of milk or porridge should be checked before administered to the newborn to avoid burning.

3. Affective problems: The baby should never be deprived of the positive affective aspects of breastfeeding. Therefore, it is important that while the bottle is being given, the affective relationship of the parents with the newborn is enhanced with words, kisses or caresses.

4. Material detachment: In the face of the high temperatures to which the bottle is subjected, the detachment of materials, which could clog the airways or the migration of toxic products, may occur. The choice of quality products guarantees safety in this regard.

5. Drowning from excessive food flow.

Always use this product under adult supervision.

Always check the temperature of the food before taking.

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