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Hidro Health Ha Single 360 Ml Soft Lenses

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Unique solution with sodium hyaluronate. For soft contact lenses, including silicone hydrogel. Disinfects, cleanses, removes proteins, moisturizes, rinses. Maximum hydration. Prolonged comfort.

This product is a unique solution that keeps your lenses clean and comfortable due to the presence of Poloxamer and Sodium Hyaluronate in its formulation. Continued use promotes the removal of protein deposits that accumulate in the contact lens.

CE marking. ON: 0318, sterile.


Sodium chloride, boric acid, sodium tetraborate, sodium citrate, poloxamer 407, hyaluronic acid, disodic edetate 0.02% and polyhexamethylene biguanide 0.0001 % in purified water.


Store at temperatures between 5 and 30o C. Avoid prolonged exposure to light.


Wash hands well before handling lenses. Remove one of the contact lenses and rinse it for a few seconds. Add three or four drops of single solution to the lens and wipe it by gently rubbing the lens for about 20 seconds. Add enough unique solution to the portal case so that when the lens is incorporated, it is completely immersed in the liquid and inserts the contact lens you just cleaned. Remove the other contact lens and repeat the same operations as the first one. Leave the contact lenses on the portal closed overnight or for at least six hours for proper disinfection. Before putting on the lenses again, rinse them for several seconds with the product.


This unique solution removes protein deposits from the lenses automatically, not requiring any weekly enzymatic cleaning. However, if the degree of soiling of the contact lens is high, cleaning with enzyme tablets may be necessary.


Always use new unique solution. Discard the leftover solution from the previous day's portals. Keep the bottle tightly closed when not in use and avoid touching any surface with the dropper. Check that the product seal is intact before first use. Once opened, consume within 90 days. Keep the product out of reach of children. Patients allergic to any of the components of the product should not use it. In case of persistent discomfort or irritation, remove the lenses, discontinue use of the product and consult your contactologist. The lenses can be stored for up to 30 days in the closed portal.

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