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Rhinomer Xl Force 3 Nasal Cleaning 210 Ml

RHINOMER FORCE 3 - STRONG-. Isotonic and sterile seawater. Suitable for adults and children from 6 years old. It is presented as a risk-free solution because it is not a medicine, but is 100% seawater. Thus, it allows to wash the nostrils and relieve nasal congestion naturally and safely. 180 ml nebulizer.
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PROPERTIES: Seawater and Rhinomer directly from the sea in the Saint-Malo France area. After obtaining, through an innovative filtration system we reduce excess salt to make it compatible with the nasal mucosa. In this way we get it to be physiological and sterile. And undiluted, Rhinomer seawater preserves all minerals and trace elements of the sea (potassium, calcium, magnesium and sulfate, among others) that are so beneficial for the proper functioning of the nose.
1. For daily hygiene and active infection prevention.
2. For cleaning and aid in the decongestion of the nostrils.
3. Helps remove dust particles, contaminants or microorganisms inside the nose.
4. Helps keep the nasal mucosa and its defensive function in good condition.
5. Humidification of the nostrils in case of environmental dryness.
EMPLOYMENT MODE: - Fit the nasal applicator by gentle pressure. Be careful to steer the tip of the nasal applicator in the opposite direction to yourself to avoid getting wet. If the nasal applicator becomes clogged, remove it and clean it under a jet of hot water. - Over the sink, tilt the head to one side and apply the product to the upper nostril as shown in the figure. - Repeat the operation in the other hole, turning the head to the opposite side. Allow the liquid to act for a few seconds and have a handkerchief finish cleaning or sounding.
Repeat the operation if necessary.
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