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Rilastil Cumlaude Cuadri G F 30 Blisters great immediate tightening effect and long-term anti-wrinkle effect, are the perfect blisters as they allow you to be perfect in the short and long term thanks to their composition of cell growth factors. It is a global anti-aging treatment thanks to the aging factors Egf, Igf, Fgf, Vegf with natural antioxidant ferulic acid, moisturizing and restructuring hyaluronic and glycans with regenerating action
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This wonderful innovation Rilastil Cuadri Gf Ampoule works as an anti-ageing and antioxidant by providing a treatment of an intensive action such as the restructuring, repair and reenifying of the skin all this inspired by regenerative medicine which combined a formula containing 4 growth factors which are intended to reactivate the cellular process in turn improves the repair mechanisms and regenerates the cells thus produces a tightening effect on the skin immediately.
Combination of the 4 growth factors of Rilastil Cuadri Gf Ampoule
This can produce an anti-ageing and antioxidant effect that are totally immediately visibly when applied to the person's skin
Epidermal Growth Factor (FCE): It ensures that old cells regenerate through restorative action
Insulin Growth Factor (IGF): this increases the density of the dermis (skin) so it reduces expression lines, i.e. it makes a filler type
Fibroblast Growth Factor (FGF): This produces collagen so that glucose does not harden it and thus can increase the elasticity and tone of p
Vascular Endothelium Growth Factor (VEGF): This element provides oxygen with Fibroblast nutrients it causes the other factors to achieve their goal.
Benefits of Cuadri GF
It brightens the skin more as it moisturizes for a month
The treatment comes complete for a month as the box where the blisters come in is 30
The contents of the excipient are plastic, which there is no risk of cutting or falling and breaking
The solution is completely liquid so this gives it greater absorption
The smell is extremely strong by the acidide but despite that it does not itch or burn when administered
It is recommended to apply it before the usual cream of the night since if done the other way around the skin does not produce elasticity.
By possessing this composition it can be combined with other aesthetic medicines.
Very timely in maintenance after application of Botox, after laser treatment or peeling will help restore the skin quickly by possessing all 4
It is one of the cell renegators that has become the global anti-ageing concentrate in mono doses (single dose)
provides intensive action treatment to restructure, repair and redensify the skin.
It is inspired only by regenerative medicine as from there it is created its innovative formula combines 4 growth factors
It works as well as to reactivate cellular metabolism and thus improve cellular repair and regeneration mechanisms.
It incorporates an immediate tightening effect.
Can be applied on all skin types
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