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Heliocare SPF 50 Gel Extreme Protection 50 ML

HELIOCARE 50 GEL. Creamy photoimmunoprotective gel. Prevents the appearance of spots and signs of skin photoaging.
50 g tube. For normal-fat skin.
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Photoimmunoprotection for sun-intolerant skin. Indicated in the prevention of skin photoaging of oily skin, prevention of melasma, photodermatosis, recent scarring and post-peeling and post-laser photoprotection.


Apply evenly to the skin, before each sun exposure. Renew the application frequently after solar exposures or prolonged baths.




Excessive sun exposure is a major health hazard. Keep in mind that no sunscreen offers full protection against the risks of solar radiation, so you should not stay in the sun long even if you use a high Sun Protection Factor (SPF) product.


Avoid sun exposure between 12 and 16 hours. Be careful not to fall asleep in the sun. Extreme protective measures in outdoor activities.


Do not expose children under 3 years of age to the sun. Protect them with high FPS clothing, hats, goggles and sunscreens, which are special for children and waterproof. Have them drink water frequently.


Use sunscreen that protects against at least UVB radiation (causing sunburn) and UVA (primarily responsible for premature skin aging). These two types of radiation also affect the immune system and contribute to the risk of skin cancer.


Choose a sunscreen suitable for each skin type or area of the body (cream, spray, milk, gel), taking into account the phototype, age and circumstances of sun exposure. Use a higher FPS in the first exposures.


Apply the product generously evenly to dry skin, half an hour before sun exposure and repeat application every 2 hours and after sweating, bathing or drying. Do not use sunscreens that have been open since the previous year.


Exercise caution on the most sun-sensitive body parts: face, neck, bald head, shoulders, neckline, ears, hands and insteps. Lip protection should be done with photoprotective pencils or bars and hair protection with specific products.


Use sunscreen even on cloudy days. UV radiation passes through the clouds and is reflected in water, sand, grass and snow.


Also protect skin with clothing (shirts, pants), head with hats and eyes with sunglasses, from solar radiation. Hydrate by drinking water frequently and apply moisturizer to your skin after sun exposure.


For any changes in the color, shape or size of spots or moles, consult a specialist.

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