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Tiritas Salvelox Sensitive Aloe Vera 20 U

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Protection and prevention of small wounds and chafing. They protect against pressure and friction. Adhesive strip consisting of a white Polyurethane layer evenly distributed with a transparent adhesive layer. Extended acrylic and hypoallergenic adhesive mass in uniform layer. The adhesive side is covered with a silicone protective paper consisting of two parts that partly overlap each other. The patches are protected by cold-sealed paper.1- Adhesive support:- Bracket: white PU (Polyurethane).- Adhesive: Polyacrylate.2- Central compress:- Composition: Viscose, polypropylene, the layer in contact with the wound is polyethylene layer. The compress is impregnated with Aloe Vera (Aloe Barbadensis Miller).3- Protectors:- Composition: Silicone paper.4- Individual packaging:Composition: Translucent glass paper satin on both sides with coadhesive.


Make sure the skin is clean and dry. Open the individual envelope or container by the folded tab and remove the dressing. Remove the guards from the adhesive area. Fix the adhesive area on the skin by focusing the compress on the wound. Remove the upper plastic area by pulling out the two colored lashes.

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