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Vigantoletten Sticks is a dietary supplement presented in envelopes that favors the intake of Vitamin D. Suitable for those with calcium deficiency in the bones or people who spend a lot of time locked in a place without sunlight and have a shortage of vitamin D.
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About 80% of the population has asymptomatic vitamin D deficiency. Vitamin d3 envelopes of Merck gives you the optimal dose of maintenance.

Vitamin d.
Studies have recently been conducted showing that sun exposure of three days a week without sun protection is necessary to synthesize the optimal amount of vitamin d.

As this is not very applicable, it is advisable to supplement from time to time with this vitamin.

Recent studies have shown that it expresses around 2000 genes, resulting in a major hormonal impact.

Foods rich in vitamin d.
Salmon, tuna, egg, sardines, liver ... its consumption is not always the taste of the whole population so the deficit of vitamin d occurs faster in them.

Lack of vitamin d.
Although symptoms can be confused with other pathologies it can be detected with:

The presence of dark skin, black.

He feels sad, with less encouragement without wanting to do a lot of activity.

From the age of fifty, for the least efficiency of our kidneys.

It is overweight, or low fat mass as it accumulates in this tissue.

He's probably the most particular.

It bothers your stomach, or bones, although it could be due to other reasons.

Vitamin d supplement.
There are not many on the market and Merck launches this presentation with optimal dosage for daily, fruity flavor and without having to drink with water.

They are micro-granules that directly on the tongue sound bsorbed.

Vitamin d3 Benefits

Correct functioning of the immune system.
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