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Vitis Duplo Dental Silk With Wax 52 Units

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Does not contain latex.


Dental tape is used to remove bacterial plaque and residue from foods left between your teeth, particularly near the edge of your gums.

Ideal for acquiring the habit of using silk.
Wax makes it easy to operate by sliding even through the narrowest spaces.


1. Cut 50 cm of silk and roll most of it into one of the middle fingers.
2. Roll the rest in the opposite hand, to collect the floss as it is used.
3. Tighten a piece of about 2 to 3 cm of silk using your thumbs and forefingers.
4. Insert the silk between the teeth with a gentle saw movement. When the tape reaches the edge of the gums, curve it C-shaped against one of the teeth and slide it gently into the space between the gum and tooth until resistance is noticed.
5. Rub the silk against the tooth to remove food scraps and bacterial plaque.
6. Repeat these operations with the remaining teeth using a clean piece of silk for each.

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