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waterpik 450 Irrigad Cordless Plus

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Wireless oral irrigator, with a head that rotates 360o to reach all areas of the mouth, with superior efficiency in improving gingival health compared to manual brushing.

It provides a combination of water and pressure that promotes gum health. Eliminates bacteria located in interdental spaces and under the gingival edge.

Dual pressure control system. Easy to fill tank.

Includes 4 accessories: 1 standard nozzle, 1 Pik Pocket nozzle, orthodontic nozzle and 1 lingual cleaner.


Does not contain latex.


Waterpik® is a complete range of oral irrigators, electric brushes and electric floss designed to maximize the effectiveness and ease of use in control of bacterial plaque.

In just 3 seconds, they remove 99.9% of the oral biofilm (bacterial plaque) deposited in teeth, gums and hard-to-reach places, thanks to the direct application of a throbbing jet of water or colutory.

The use of oral irrigators after brushing provides a significant improvement in gum health: it controls gum inflammation and gingivitis, while reducing bleeding. In addition, it offers a greater feeling of cleanliness and freshness of the entire oral cavity.

Oral irrigation is indicated in people who want in-depth cleaning, orthodontic carriers and implant carriers who need meticulous hygiene as they tend to accumulate more oral biofilm (bacterial plaque) and in people with specific needs such as diabetics and people with periodontal disease.

The range Waterpik® consists of, among others Waterpik® WP-900 Full Care, provides the benefits of combining the most advanced sonic technology with the most effective oral irrigation; The Waterpik® Ultra WP-100, with a more modern, comfortable, compact and quiet design; the Waterpik® traveler WP-300, small in size and ideal for traveling; family Waterpik® WP-70, for the use of the whole family; and the wp-450 wireless Waterpik® Plus, a practical irrigator that takes up little space and with a 1-week battery life. Irrigators are complemented by multiple accessories to suit different oral needs, e.g. hygiene in orthodontic carriers, implant carriers, etc.

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