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  • Dolores and Fever

    In this section you can find a wide variety of products to help you fight pain and fever, both for you and for the little ones.

  • Digestive Disorders

    In this category you can find the drugs and food supplements for the care of the digestive system. Effective treatments against poor digestion, acidity and other problems of the digestive system.

  • Vitamins, Minerals and Supplements

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  • Cold, cough and flu

    We offer you the most effective products against cold, cough and flu. These products will help you prevent and combat symptoms faster.

  • Skin Care

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  • Tired Legs and Varicose Veins

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  • Auto Test Covid-19

  • Homeopathy

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  • Woman

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  • Control Of Weight

    In this section we have medications specifically designed to help you lose weight.

  • Tension Arterial

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  • Hair Care Fall

    Hair loss can be avoided or delayed as long as possible if we start taking care of it as soon as possible. We offer you the best products to be able to fight it.

  • Dizziness

    Anti-smoke products

    Your medicine cabinet may not be complete until you have all kinds of items to solve people's most common problems. One of them is dizziness that can cause widespread discomfort in the body including vomiting, excess perspiration or tremors. They are usually caused by some type of displacement whether air, land or sea.

    Therefore, from Pharmacy Berdaguer we give you the possibility to buy anti-mare products online. It is a large selection of dizziness products that prevent dizziness and excessive sweating that usually occur as side effects. Trust our online pharmacy as we have the most interesting and cheap items on the market to eliminate dizziness.

  • Oral Care

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  • Allergies

    In this section you can find medicines that help you fight all kinds of allergies.

  • Bites

    In this section we have a wide variety of insecticide products and mosquito repellents, to avoid and relieve their annoying bites.

  • Anti-Tobacco

    In this section we offer you the best anti-smoking products to help you quit smoking.
  • Vaselines and Lubricants

    In this section you can find one of the best brands in lubricants.
  • Ophthalmological and Eye Studies

    In this section you can find the best brands in products for your eyes. Ointments, eye drops and gels for the care and treatment of your eyes.
  • Ears

    In this section you can get the best products for the care of your ears.
  • Urinary Tract

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  • Local Hemostotic

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  • Insomnia and nervousness

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Gelodol Cream 50 G Gelodol Cream 50 G
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€10.46 (tax incl.) €11.62
Gelodol containing Rosmarinus officinalis L., aetheroleum (rosemary essential oil) is a traditional plant-based medicine used in adults for the relief of minor muscle and joint pains and in minor peripheral...
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A drug is a substance or preparation that has healing or preventive properties, helps the body recover from or protect against disease imbalances. In this section you can find great variety

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