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Children and Babies

  • Chupetes, Nipples and Biberones

    Baby pacifiers, nipples and bottles

    Child and infant care should occur from the outing of the day. To accompany parents in those more complicated moments, there are a number of products that will make your life a little easier. For example, baby pacifiers that cause minor alterations than finger suction. In addition, there is a lot of different time to choose from, not only the size of materials that will suit your little one.

    In our online pharmacy we also have baby bottles. These should not be chosen lightly as they are not all valid for any newborn. Each has its own particular characteristics aimed at their needs. The same goes for bottle nipples as it's the key to choosing the bottle that best suits your baby. They are essential for your diet taking into account your needs at every stage of your growth.

  • Toilet

    Baby grooming products

    Children and babies should be especially careful when it comes to cleaning. Flawless hygiene will prevent infections, take care of your delicate skin and protect you from external agents. To do this, it is necessary to help you with child hygiene products that have been created for this purpose and will keep your little one always clean.

    In our online pharmacy you can find the best baby grooming products. It is a large catalog of key pieces that you need to ensure the care of your little one. Among them, you can choose child cleaning products such as bath thermometers, gel and shampoo, wipes and diapers, sponges and brushes, for lice, colonies, nasal vacuum cleaners, for body care and diaper redness, among others.

  • Accessories

    Accessories for children and babies

    Child and baby care is important in all parts that have to do with your health. We know that food and hygiene are essential to grow strong, healthy and without any discomfort or disease. In addition to all this, from our online pharmacy we offer you the possibility to buy children's accessories online that can help you in ensuring your well-being from day one.

    We have a large catalog of baby accessories and accessories for children that you can get in an easy and simple way. Browse our website and discover thermometers, breast pumps, detergents, cups, learning spoons, bottle warmers, biters, sterilizers, changers, breast milk containers, bottle cleaners and many more children's accessories.

  • Child Nutrition

    Child nutrition products

    Child nutrition is one of the most important steps for the correct evolution of the little ones of the house. Children and infants need adequate child nutrition products as their growth will depend on a correct intake with all kinds of nutrients and vitamins. The children's world has evolved a lot, giving parents the best variety of ingredients that carry the basic nutritional properties for their children.

    In Pharmacy Berdaguer you can buy children's nutrition products online. We put at your fingertips a wide variety of basic elements for feeding the little ones thinking about children bad eaters. But we also offer articles with probiotics and to improve defenses, infusions and especially normal and special infant milks that contain everything you need to grow with iron health.

  • Care for mama

    Products careful to mamto

    In our children and babies section there is always a gap for mam. During pregnancy a woman's body transforms and undergoes numerous changes, not only physical but also hormonal. That is why care for mammust be a priority through different products for mamthat will adapt to the needs of a woman at this stage of her life.

    From our Pharmacy Berdaguer we also give you the option to buy careful products for mamto online where you will find everything you need and are essential at this beautiful stage. We put at your fingertips for example a selection of postpartum firming creams, nipples, other nipple care items and anti-stress creams and lotions.

  • Sets

    Sets for children and babies

    When a newborn comes into the world, there are many cares you need to do to keep them safe and sound. These include, for example, items for the skin, for hygiene or for your amusement. In our category of children and babies we have a wide variety of items that will be responsible for maintaining the delicacy of younger children.

    Now in Pharmacy Berdaguer we give you the possibility to buy sets for children or buy sets for babies. These are packs for the little ones in the house who will take care of them from the first moment. We put at your disposal for example incredible gift baskets, sets for the newborn, pajamas for the different ages and months of the baby and perfect grooming products for their hygiene.

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Pharmacy products for children and babies

When a baby comes into our lives, there are many aspects that will change from that moment on. It is important to have prepared the room and the clothes of the little one, but also a series of baby products and children's products that ensure both the hygiene and the care and cleanliness of our little one from his first months.

In our online store we have a wide variety of pharmacy products for children and babies. You can find everything from pacifiers, nipples and bottles to pacifier holders, chains, biters, learning cups and spoons, body and hair care items, wipes, diapers, colonies and much more.

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