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Medicine cabinet

  • Nasal

    Nasal products

    Hygiene and cleaning should be extended to all parts of the body, without neglecting a single body. To do this, the first aid kit is filled with different elements capable of helping us in the most unsuspected situations. Nasal care becomes an important thing as our nose needs to have the best breathing, a basic function that we should not neglect.

    The nose is used to smell, breathe and can even become a line of defense against certain infectious diseases. At Farmacia Berdager we offer you the possibility to buy nasal products online prepared to fulfill this mission. These are important parapharmacy items that will prevent germs from entering and make us have a correct breath such as nasal strips, seawater and physiological serums.

  • Auto-Test

    Online auto-test

    The first aid kit is packed with products and items that can be helpful in improving your health, solving immediate problems, or knowing a certain state you're in. This is the case with so-called auto-tests,that is, different types of tests that you can take yourself at home to check that your health is perfectly.

    In our Pharmacy Berdaguer we give you the possibility to buy auto-test online without any inconvenience, in an easy, simple way and without moving from your home. In our catalog we have different types of tests that we put at your fingertips such as: pregnancy test, multi-drug test, evolution test, food intolerance test, glucose test or genetic test.

  • Antimosquitos and Medusas

    Mosquito repellents and jellyfish

    Inside our home first aid kit, insect and jellyfish repellents are never lacking. Especially with the advent of heat, it is when these small insects begin to appear whose bites can be most uncomfortable. Anti-flying products become your best ally to get rid of and scare away such annoying insects.

    In our online pharmacy we put at your fingertips the possibility to buy mosquito repellents online. A wide variety of insect repellents to combat the problem such as bracelets, sunscreens, gels and even pills. With them you will be able to sleep well at night away from these "friends", avoid the stings and be prepared so that they never come near you.

  • Ears

    Ear products

    The home first aid kit is filled with a myriad of items that will help you anytime you need them. Ears are an important part of it, as they fulfill one of the key senses by allowing us to hear everything that happens around us. To maintain balance we need ear products that help us maintain good hearing health.

    In Pharmacy Berdaguer we give you the possibility to buy ear products online at the best price. They are those who are responsible for protecting your ears internally and externally from any infection, disease and to keep them always clean. In our shop you can find cleaning items, plugs and others to perform specific treatments that help you to have exemplary hearing care.

  • Eye

    Eye products

    The first aid kit must have a wide variety of items to cover all demands for possible injuries, accidents or problems. They are responsible for solving the problems that can arise in any circumstance, as is the case with eye care. It is very important to have perfect eye health as it will make us perceive the visual stimuli of the outside and react in time to them.

    In Pharmacy Berdaguer you can buy eye products online at the best price to take care of your eyes. We have a wide variety of items such as eye drops, others for dry eyes, eye patches, lens fluids and everything you need for the eye hygiene of this important part of the body.

  • Dressings and Wounds

    Dressing products for wounds

    In the first aid kit there can be a number of elements that we usually use when a domestic accident arises. One of them is the dressings,those sanitary products used to cover and protect any wounds. The goal of these dressing products is to provide some pain relief, create a barrier against infection, allow blood circulation and optimize healing.

    In Pharmacy Berdaguer you can buy dressing products online at the best price and of all varieties. There are several types of wound dressings depending on the severity of the wound, tissue type, and location. To do this, you only have to choose those suitable for you that will absorb forming a gel providing the ideal conditions for wound healing.

  • Gloves

    Gloves online

    The first aid kit of a home, establishment or business, also usually has gloves inside it. Gloves perform very important functions as they are able to protect you from allergic processes, allergic and irritative dermatitis. In addition, they ensure a more effective action of creams and in the protection against environmental factors such as heat, cold or dirt.

    In Pharmacy Berdaguer you can buy gloves online at the best price on the market. We distinguish between cotton gloves that are especially suitable for professional groups, doctors and health workers; and latex gloves that offer ease of movement, greater comfort and good strength. There is another type of these personal protective equipment that can be for single use or multiple.

  • Disinfectant

    Disinfectant products

    Any first aid kit we have at home or at work must contain some key elements that are never missing. An example is disinfectant products that serve to heal wounds and perform complete and risk-free disinfection of any area of the body. There are various types of disinfectants online as these are highly demanded items.

    In Pharmacy Berdaguer we give you the possibility to buy disinfectant products online at the best price on the market. In our catalog we have disinfectant gels, disinfectant sprays for faster and more comfortable use, aqueous solutions and even a solution to disinfect fruits and vegetables.

  • Throat

    Throat products

    In the first aid kit there are many items in addition to those that serve to heal wounds or disinfect; there are others who will try to relieve your irritated sore throat. Although it is usually given especially in the winter, sore throat is one of the most common symptoms of cold or other viruses that affect the functioning of the airways. It is often very annoying as it prevents basic functions such as eating or talking.

    In our online pharmacy we offer you the possibility to buy products for the throat online at the best price on the market. To relieve this irritated sore throat the smartest thing is to resort to these over-the-counter medications that have a protective action. This will help you with symptoms such as dryness, burning, pain, difficulty swallowing, and even itching and pain to improve breathing.

  • Burns

    Burn ointments and creams

    In our first aid kit you can not miss the creams for burns as it is one of the most common domestic injuries. The best way to take care of your skin is to prevent it from happening and although there are severe burns that require immediate medical attention, other superficial or mild ones can usually be treated at home. In this case the skin remains intact but red, swollen and in pain.

    Burns can be caused by exposure to heat, flames, friction, or sun rays. Its gravity has a scale that goes from first to second and third grade. In our Pharmacy Berdaguer we give you the possibility to buy ointments for burns online,the best solution for such milder and shallower burns that affect only the epidermis.

  • Dizziness

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  • Thermometers

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  • Cough

    Cough products

    There's something in your first aid kit that can't be missed either: cough medicines. Although it is annoying and uncomfortable, coughing plays an important role: protecting the airway and helping to cleanse the body. However, it is important to differentiate the type of cough according to its duration because the causes are different: water when it exceeds 4 weeks, subacutes between 4 and 8 weeks and chronic when it lasts more than eight weeks.

    In Farmacia Berdaguer we give you the possibility to buy products for the cough online at the best price. Although you can try home remedies that will soften your throat, if it's too irritated you'll have to help with specific cough medications. The good thing is that they are presented in different ways so that you use the one that is most recommended for you.

  • Bands

    Elastic bandages

    The first aid kit is full of interesting materials that can help you at certain times, accidents and cuts. One of the most used are bandages. These are healing materials that are placed on a wound, especially to prevent some form of infection. Its use has been extended for different modalities such as producing pressure on a wound to stop bleeding.

    In Pharmacy Berdaguer we give you the possibility to buy bandages online at the best price and the typology that best suits your problems. Elastic bandages are so used because they are able to limit movement by an injured joint, keep the splints fixed preventing their displacement, traction certain fractures and favor the return of venous circulation.

  • Packs for Urine and Faeces

    Urine containers and stool containers

    An important part of our health is ensuring the correct collection of waste to carry out analyses of any typology. Also in our first aid kit you can buy urine containers,a medical device that facilitates the collection of urine samples. It is usually an easy-to-use and sterilized test tube to collect urine in the most hygienic way possible.

    In our online pharmacy we also give you the option to buy stool containers for further analysis. They are airtight containers with a wide mouth, transparent walls, flexible and waterproof. They have different types of closure, but it has a lid with turn closure, to use anytime you need it.

  • Hits

    Bump ointments

    The first aid kit must be equipped with everything you need to solve home problems. One of the most common are blows, bruises or small bruises that appear when you least expect it. To fix this you need shock creams to relieve pain thanks to natural active ingredients to help the muscle recover allowing you to continue your daily routine without problems.

    In Pharmacy Berdaguer you can buy ointments for bumps online by choosing from our variety of items from our catalog. Shock products become allies to prevent long-term injuries while treating shocks by reducing inflammation and controlling pain. Browse, discover and choose those that are best for you and your children.

  • Pulsoximeters

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First Aid Kit Products

A first aid kit has prepared all the essential items for the healing of small wounds and bruises. Being ready is possible when anticipating future events and preventing them from being serious problems. To do this, customize your own medicine cabinet with everything your family needs as there will be much-needed items for you that others don't use and vice versa.

In our online store you will find all the products for the first aid kit that you need in case of any emergency. From wound cures to bandages, mosquito repellents and jellyfish,items to improve nasal breathing, eye health, hearing care, sex, insomnia and throat problems, among others.

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