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Aquilea Propolis Syrup 150 Ml

Syrup based on propolis, pine yolks, echinacea and vitamin C used for its soothing properties on the airways. It helps soothe airway discomfort and improves natural defenses. Ideal to fight cold times.
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Aquilea 150ml syrup
The propolis is a substance that bees obtain from plants and which, after a slight transformation, they use to disinfect the hive and keep it free of microorganisms. Studies of this wonderful "defense" conclude that the propolis has more than 50 active ingredients that explain the large amount of health benefits they bring.
Aquilea Própolis Jarabe, is a food supplement based on propolis and a combination of plants traditionally used for its airway properties. Thanks to its excellent combination of plants it is ideal for cold times, stimulating the production of defenses in our body.
Echinacea and vitamin C, along with trace elements such as zinc, copper and mangnesium, act in the formula of Aquilea propolis syrup on the maintenance of natural defenses, combating the body's natural predisposition to ribs and sore throats.
Take care of your body with a natural defense, the propolis.
How to use
Take a measurement of 10 ml 3 times a day.
Suitable for type II diabetics (one intake of 10ml x 1 ml glucose).
Willow extract 220 mg, elderflower concentrate 200 mg, fluid extract of propolis 150 mg, black grosellero concentrate 150 mg, 125 mg filler concentrate, 100 mg dry propolis extract, pine yolk extract 100 mg, thyme concentrate 100 mg, echinacea extract 40 mg, vitamin C 26.7 mg, eucalyptus essential oil 15 mg, mint essential oil 4.8 mg , manganese gluconate, zinc gluconate, copper gluconate.
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