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D-Clar Rilastil Cumlaude Drops 30 Ml

Drop-focused, intensive-acting depigmentant to effectively correct existing stains and prevent their appearance. AhAs-based formulate unifies tone and blurs imperfections. Maximum efficiency and tolerance to repair the skin of the face, neckline and hands. Localized stain shock treatment.
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The appearance of spots on the skin is common in areas exposed to the sun. They are caused by excessive melanin production and may intensify during pregnancy, hormonal changes and treatments with photosensitive medications.
Stain treatment. It can be applied as a single anti-morning treatment or combined with the rest of the products in the daily care routine.
For photo-aged, dull and gloss-free skin. Provides luminosity and unifies skin tone.
Gradually decreases stains on all skin types, dry, normal, mixed or oily.
For sunspots caused by excessive sun exposure.
Remove pregnancy spots (melasma and chloasma or also known as pregnancy cloth).
Treatment of post-inflammatory stains, due to surgery, use of photosensitive medications or residual acne lesions.
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