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NaturalFeeling helps you extract milk easily and be able to give it to your child when needed. It has an ergonomically shaped handle for effortless removal and maximum comfort for the hands.
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Breastfeeding is a very important stage in the life of the child and mother. For the newborn to be in contact with the mother's breast and suck is not only a primary satisfaction, it is also a moment of relationship with the mother, full of emotions and tactile, taste and olfactory sensations. Satisfying this need gives both a deep sense of well-being and tranquility.
Breast milk contains all the nutritional substances necessary to meet the nutritional requirements and psychological demands of the infant for the first 6 months of life.
Manual breast pumping helps prolong breastfeeding, in case of excessive milk or when you have to be away from the baby. In these cases the milk can be removed by storing it to give to the child when necessary.


Disassemble all components of the breast puller. Be careful when removing the valve and when washing. To remove the valve, gently pull the tab over the valve side. Do not use utensils for valve cleaning, if damaged, the
breasts will not work correctly.
Carefully wash all parts with water and common dishwashing detergent, rinse with plenty of water, dry with a soft, clean cloth, or let dry in a clean, ventilated place. Do not use abrasive products for cleaning the breast freshener.
All components, except the valve and handle, can also be washed in a dishwasher using a delicate program. Such a wash, more aggressive, could discolor the material and over time become opaque.
Before each use, completely disassemble the product and disinfect all components, using cold, hot disinfectant liquids (steam) using the specific appliances, or boil for 5 minutes. Warning: allow all components to cool completely before each use. Do not disinfect the cold handle (disinfectant liquids).
Immediately after each use, completely disassemble the product and rinse all the components of the breast pump with plenty of water using hot water. Dry thoroughly with a soft, clean cloth or let dry in a clean, well-ventilated place.
Always store the product in a clean, dry place.


Keep the appliance and its components out of the reach of children.
Packaging elements (plastic bags, cardboard boxes, etc.) should not be left within reach of children as they are an important source of danger.
Before using the appliance, ensure that both the appliance and its components are whole and free of visible damage. If in doubt do not use the appliance and contact qualified personnel.
This appliance shall be intended exclusively for the use for which it has been exclusively created. Any other type of use is considered incorrect.
This product should be used only with a bottle of the physiological line and Step Up New Chicco, not used with bottles of different type. For the use and washing of bottles and their respective accessories refer to the specific instructions
supplied with the Sacaleche.

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