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Yogi Tea Relax 17 Bags

Find peace and quiet in this convulsive time and paralyze the noise of the world. The camomile flower greets us calmly in the meadows. The flower of the tilo slowly sings in the trees. The fruits of fennel grow harmoniously and cardamom seeds, with their sweet aroma, ripen. Scarface, orange peel and raspberry leaves bring a delicious softness to this elegant infusion. Sit back, relax and enjoy the peace that this delicate blend brings.
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It is made according to the traditional Ayurvedic formula used to relieve stress and facilitate relaxation.

This delicate blend incorporates the soft flavor of chamomile alongside tila, fennel, canine rose, cardamom and other herbs for peace and quiet.

The beneficial properties of tila were already appreciated in the Middle Ages and, to this day, tila flowers are among the most popular remedies in the world. They are aromatic, have a slightly sweet taste and contain flavonoid beneficials and essential oils.

The canine rose, belonging to rosacea, contains five times more vitamin C than lemon. Its aromatic fruits have a slightly bitter and sweet taste and have, in addition to fruit and mineral acids, iron and vitamins A, B, E, P and K.


chamomile *
fennel *
tila *
cardamom *
milk-finished barley *
hibiscus *
liquorice *
alfalfa *
Raspberry leaves *
Orange peel *
canine rose *
cinnamon *
ginger *
nails *
black pepper*
* biological agriculture

Pour 250 ml of freshly boiled water over the saget.

Leave for 6 to 7 minutes - or more for a more intense flavor.

17 infusion bags (1.8 g)
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